søndag 18. oktober 2015

Growing a Social Following from Nothing

Matthew Barby:

There are thousands of articles that have been written about ways to grow your social media following (some of which by myself), but one of the things that most articles fail to cater for is actually growing them from nothing...

1. Choosing the Right Channels

This is a really important decision because the last thing you want to do is dedicate a load of time, effort and resources (and money) into growing a social following within a specific channel, only to then find out that it’s not delivering the right results. The main thing to consider is who your target market is and what type of content you’ll be producing.

2. Differentiating Your Content

Once you’ve decided upon the social media channels that you’ll be using, you need to consider how you’ll differentiate yourself from your competition. There’s a lot of noise in social media, so you want to ensure that your posts stand out from the rest.

3.  Checking Out Your Competitors

Another huge source of inspiration can come from analysing what is working for your competitors (and what’s not working).

4. Social Media Post Scheduling

After settling on the imagery and style of your posts, you need to consider how you will share them. A question that I often get asked is “How often should I share each post on social media?

5. Growing Your Following

Getting those first few followers can always seem tough. You’ve got a load of great content to share, but nobody to share it with – not an ideal situation. Don’t start worrying just yet though; everyone has to start somewhere. There are a few quick tricks that you can use to get those initial followers going and to build a base platform for your social media campaign.